Our Partners

Media Sponsors

Great Place To Work ® Cyprus is proud to have INBusiness as its Media Sponsors with an active contribution towards promoting Cyprus Best Workplaces and the Great Place To Work® brand. INBusiness magazine has a monthly readership of more than 40,000. It is the only monthly business magazine in Cyprus that provides a comprehensive overview of all segments of the economy, from retail to services, as well as reporting on new deals, presenting new faces and, generally, everything that’s happening in the local business sphere. INBusiness is a pioneer in local business journalism, thanks to its in-depth analysis and research backed by previously unpublished facts and figures.

Academic Advisors

We are delighted to have as our Academic Advisors, the MSc Program in Human Resource Management, of the University of Cyprus who are assisting us in the assessment of the Culture Audit© part of the process. We are also partnering in developing initiatives which will promote HR Management and Leadership best practices in the business community in Cyprus.