Our People

Kyriacos Iacovides

General Manager

Kyriacos is a passionate advocate of a high engagement culture, in which, all employees deliver their best and the organization can develop and sustain a high performance-high fulfillment environment. Having spent many years in the corporate environment and following his experience in the areas of learning and development, he can effectively leverage on the Great Place To Work® resources, to offer customers, hands- on practical consulting and support in their journey to make their organization a Great Place To Work®.

“Any organization can become a Great Place To Work® as long as it decides to do so. Our role is not just to provide the tools they need to, but also inspire and energize them throughout this exciting process. We love to do this”

Yiolanda Michael

Project Manager

Yiolanda is an amazingly cool headed individual, with a permanently positive and confident approach to whatever challenge she comes across. This, coupled with her, thorough organizing abilities, makes her the ideal project manager/ partner of our customers, supporting them and guiding them, always with a smile, throughout their “becoming a Great Place To Work® journey”.

“Getting everything right, at the right time, both from our side and that of
our customer, will make the process a stress free, smooth and pleasant ride:)!”

Rebecca Raftis


Rebecca (or Becky as customers like to call her) has also lived the challenges of a corporate environment before deciding to get into the business of helping people to achieve what they are destined to, as a learning facilitator consultant. In the Great Place To Work® Cyprus team, Rebecca will swiftly connect with the customer, at all levels, create rapport and work with them as a trusted advisor.

“Our work is helping organizations to create a high trust culture. To achieve our mission we would naturally gain the trust of our customers, ourselves. How else can we tango together without flaws and frustrations!”

Lenia Iacovides


Lenia has a 30 year long experience in global multinational organizations in diverse markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa and is a valued asset in the Board of Directors of Great Place To Work® Cyprus, an affiliate of a global network.

“We are excited that we are here to add real value to the business community in Cyprus. At the end of the day if we help companies become Great Places To Work®, we will help making our society better”

Margarita Antoniades

Associate Consultant

Margarita has spent her entire working life in HR related roles and as many as 20 years in the training and development areas. In this capacity she had designed designing solutions which would help individuals and teams discover and utilize their potential, achieving high performance and high fulfillment.

“I could not imagine a better way to complete my career than the involvement in a global organization the mission of which is to help organizations create the environment where each and every employee can be HAPPY and deliver the best possible”

Thea Iacovides

Project Manager

With an academic background in Law and following a brief engagement in the legal profession Thea joined Great Place to Work® Cyprus . She brings on board her attention to detail combined and a structured way of thinking and working which makes her a competent project manager entrusted by customers who decide to embark on this amazing journey.

“The more the business environment becomes challenging with uncertainty and volatility, the more important becomes the need for organizations to create an environment where each and every employee feels valued and wants to do his/her best. This makes our work relevant and valuable to our customers and I am delighted to be part of it.”