The completion of the Trust Index© and of the Culture Audit© is not the end but the beginning of a journey. No matter if your company has achieved the Great Place to Work® Certification criteria, or not, the work for creating and sustaining a High Trust – High Performance Culture is a continuous process.

The Transformation Workshop, normally done after Culture Coaching Session (the presentation of the Trust Index© and Culture Audit© results), is an effective way to help you start, plan and implement this process. It is “transformational” because it will help the leadership team view, the level of trust the employees have in the organization and the pride and joy they experience, with a totally different perspective.

A Great Place to Work® facilitator will:

  • Help the team focus on the key opportunities for empowerment  
  • Leverage on the research data of Great Place to Work® and share with them appropriate Best Practices 
  • Guide them to draft an action plan and set up an implementation and monitoring process

Focus groups and semi-structured interviews

Focus groups and semi-structured interviews can be powerful aids in acquiring deeper insight from employees on survey findings. We create an open, confidential environment where employees feel safe discuss issues that were highlighted by the survey. Depending on the issues we advise to use focus groups (6 to 8 participants) or semi-structured interviews (1:1 basis). The output can provide an effective qualitative diagnostic support to culture change action planning.

Developing Leadership Teams of Trust

Our experience demonstrates, that developing a culture of trust and engagement is more often than not, difficult to achieve, because of trust and alignment issues at the level of senior leadership terms. Developing Leadership Teams of Trust is a successful implemented intervention which takes a leadership team through a program of impactful and eye opening learning experience and guides them to draft and implement a relevant and practical action plan to improve the team’s trust and alignment.

Developing Leaders of Trust

The value preposition of a company to its employees, cannot create the trust and generate the engagement it has been designed for, unless each and every director manages and learns leader behavior in a way that enlists the trust and earns the engagement of their direct reports. Developing Leaders of Trust, is a practical workshop which helps participants:

  • Understand the character of Performance function affecting a leader’s credibility and how there can be potentially managed
  • Develop behaviors and adopt practices which will create and sustain their direct reports’ engagement