A Great Place to Work® from a Manager’s Perspective The Culture Audit©

Our Culture Audit© evaluates the organizations intent to develop and sustain a culture of engagement, which is essential for business to remain competitive.

From a manager’s perspective, a Great Workplace™ is one where managers:

  • Achieve Organisational Objectives
  • With employees who give their Personal Best
  • Work together as a Team / Family in an Environment of Trust

HR and leadership practices, are evaluated against the 9 dimensions of the value preposition of the company, to its employees.

There are nine ways or practice areas in which leaders and managers create an environment of trust.

Great Workplaces™ achieve their organisational goals by Inspiring, Speaking and Listening. They encourage their employees to give their personal best by Thanking, Developing and Caring. And they work together as a team/family by Hiring, Celebrating and Sharing.

A set of globally endorsed criteria are used for the evaluation: Variety, Originality, All-Inclusiveness, Human Touch and Integration.