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Our Employee Survey Platform, Emprising™

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Easily administer employee engagement surveys and see your results, analysis and actionable insights using our Emprising™ Platform.

Emprising™ is pre-set with our research-driven Trust Index© Survey which serves as the basis of our Best Workplaces™ Recognition Programme.

Why Emprising™ is the best option for your business

Built on over 30 years of research, our survey platform is proven to help you quantify your company culture, increase employee engagement, and do the right thing at the right time for your business and people.

A Great Place To Work® from the Employees’ Perspective

The Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Employee Survey offers you a comprehensive analysis of the quality and attractiveness of your company’s workplace culture from the employees’ perspective.

People rate a place as a great workplace when they consistently:

  • Trust the people they work for
  • Take Pride in what they do
  • Experience Camaraderie with their colleagues

This covers the three primary relationships that each and every employee has in their workplace – their relationship with management (fostered by Credibility, Respect & Fairness), their sentiments about their job or role (manifested as Pride), and their sentiments towards their colleagues (in the form of Camaraderie).

Based on the definition of a great workplace above, we have developed the Great Place to Work® Trust Model©, which serves as the lens we use to assess the employee experience of workplaces around the globe. It is also the foundation of our Trust Index© employee survey.

The most important features of the Employee Survey

Measure the employee experience

The employee survey model is linked to the analysis of the organizational culture. It provides a unique insight into whether what you are doing as an organization is having the desired effect on the employees. In other words, whether your  organization offers a good employee experience.

A tool which allows you to enter into dialogue

The employee survey should be a tool rather than a goal. It is an assessment of the employee experience, whereby the results form a starting point for internal dialogue as to which areas can be improved.

The model is based on empirical research

The Great Place to Work® Model was formulated over 30 years ago on the basis of empirical research and covers credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. The model forms the basis of the employee survey and is used worldwide.

(International) benchmarking opportunities

Any type of organization can make use of the employee survey. As a result of our many years of experience and branches in over 60 countries, Great Place to Work® makes it possible to conduct international research using the same method and also offers numerous benchmarking opportunities. A comprehensive database is also available at the national level.

Personal Supervision

A project manager will supervise the process. The lines are short, the service is fast, and we are always willing to brainstorm with you.

If you want your company to become Great Place to Work-Certified™, fill in your details and we will contact you soon.