Certification & Lists Terms

Terms & Conditions for Great Place To Work® Certification™ and Best Workplaces™ List

All Great Place To Work® Assessment packages (Assess, Analyze, Accelerate) are non-refundable and have a one-year term from the initial purchase date in which to utilize all included components, including survey(s), report packages, online data analytics and manager access.

1. Certification Eligibility Requirements

Each Certification eligible Assessment package (Assess, Analyze, Accelerate) includes one(1) Certification attempt. To participate in Certification, Company must:

1.1 Have 10 or more country-based full-and/or part-time employees (do not include per diem, temporary or contract employees).

1.2 Ensure that the survey is accessible online to all employees.

1.3 Administer a Certification-eligible Trust Index© Survey to all employees if total country-based employee count is 5,000 or fewer. If Company has more than 5,000 country-based employees, depending on the details of the package ordered (i.e., Assess, Analyze or Accelerate), Company must, at a minimum, survey 5,000 employees (generated as a random sample from the entire country’s employee population) or may contract to conduct a full census.

1.4 Receive enough Trust Index Survey responses to meet or exceed the current Certification threshold with less than 10.5% margin of error at a 90%confidence level in the results.

1.5 Submit a culture assessment that reflects employee demographics and company programs at the time of distributing the survey.

1.6 The Certification-eligible Trust Index Survey and culture assessment must reflect the entire entity within the country, including the parent, all subsidiaries, divisions, and departments in that country. Company can only be awarded Certification independently of their parent organization and related subsidiaries if Company can show, prior to initial purchase, that they operate as a distinct and separate business, brand, and culture.

2. Certification, Profiles, and Best Workplaces Lists Consideration

2.1 Once Company has completed all the required steps, should the average of all Great Place To Work® Model© statements meets the Certification threshold, Company will be awarded the designation as Great Place To Work®-Certified™ and a Great Place To Work® Profile™ will be published, as applicable. Any Company that appears on a Great Place To Work® Best Workplaces™ List is selected primarily based on their employees’ responses to the Great Place To Work Trust Index Survey which is a proprietary employee survey developed by Great Place To Work. The specific criteria and methodology for each Best Workplaces List is managed by and at the discretion of Great Place To Work and is subject to change.

2.2 Certification is valid for 12 months from the date awarded (“Certification period”). Companies awarded Certification can use the country-specific Certification badge, royalty free, during the Certification Period according to the guidelines found here: Certification Badge Usage Guideline https://www.greatplacetowork.com/certification-brand-guide

2.3 Company will be then considered for all Best Workplaces Lists that they are eligible for during the Certification Period. To be considered for Great Place To Work Best Workplaces Lists, the rules are as follows:

2.3.1 Enough survey responses must be received by Company to meet or exceed the Best Workplaces List threshold of less than a 5.5% margin of error at a 95% confidence level in the results.

2.3.2 Company must be Great Place To Work-Certified at the time of any deadline for any Best Workplaces List and meet specific criteria. Deadlines and criteria are subject to change.

2.3.3 Company must have a published Great Place To Work Profile. The Great Place To Work Profile is published online by Great Place To Work and may highlight Company facts and high-level positive results from the survey.

2.3.4 Companies selected for a Best Workplaces List can use the country-specific List badge according to the guidelines found here: https://www.greatplacetowork.com/national-list-badge-guide

3. Integrity of Our Selection Process

Great Place To Work will not consider personal relationships, gifts, or any other influences (or attempted influences) in the selection of Company for Certification and/or a Best Workplaces List. Engaging Great Place To Work® for services (e.g., Consulting) does not help Company obtain Certification or appear on a Best Workplaces List. Evaluators involved in the selection of Company for a Best Workplaces List sign non-disclosure agreements and are screened for potential conflicts of interest.

4. Confidentiality: Data, Materials, and other Company Information

4.1 Great Place To Work will only provide Company data to approved media and research “partners” who have been authorized in advance by written agreements with Great Place To Work for purposes of developing and publishing a list and/or related findings. This data may include selected data points gathered in the culture assessment, specific Trust Index Survey results and employee comments.

4.2 Great Place To Work may use aggregate data to publish reports, articles, research, or books in addition to Best Workplaces Lists and Great Place To Work Profiles.

4.3 Great Place To Work may cite examples of Company’s best practices in presentations and speeches, media interviews, articles, and other communications, but only in accordance with the Positive Recognition Guidelines.

4.4 This Agreement does not apply to any information of Company that (a) is or becomes available in the public domain; (b) becomes available to Great Place To Work on a non-confidential basis from a third party or (c) is consented to disclosure by Company.

5. Positive Recognition Guidelines

5.1 Positive Recognition will be provided to Company named in publicity and findings distributed by Great Place To Work and its media partners. Company will not be negatively critiqued for its efforts, policies, programs, or practices.

5.2 Great Place To Work may publish findings on Company without prior approval from Company, provided this use is in accordance with these Positive Recognition Guidelines.

5.3 Company irrevocably authorizes and grants to Great Place To Work® Institute, Inc. the right to use the data, information and other material it and its representatives provide (collectively, the “Material”) as part of the Great Place To Work Certification & Great Place To Work Best Workplaces Lists Terms, at its discretion for purposes of developing and publishing Best Workplaces Lists or related findings. This Material may include selected data points gathered in the culture submission, specific Trust Index© Survey results and employee comments. Company waives any inspection or approval of any such Material or the use thereof and it acknowledges and agrees that this Consent includes the right of Great Place To Work to copy, cut, crop, edit, revise, alter, adapt, modify or otherwise change and use the Material, in whole or in part, without any further approval by or consideration. Company waives any legal claim to any compensation or receipt of consideration of any kind for the rights granted by this Consent.

5.4 Company consents to the publication of the Great Place To Work Profile created by Great Place To Work, as applicable, including the publication of any information, any Company logos or trademarks, or any photographs or graphics, that have been submitted to Great Place To Work by Company or its employees in order for Great Place To Work to evaluate Company or prepare a Great Place To Work Profile. From time to time, Great Place To Work may enter into agreements with third parties for publication of the Great Place To Work Profile in print and other forms of media, and Company agrees that it has no objections to such third parties printing Company’s Great Place To Work Profile.

6. Privacy and Confidentiality

All questions or concerns about the data privacy, data security, and confidentiality are addressed in the Great Place To Work Global Privacy Policy found here: https://www.greatplacetowork.com/privacy-policy and the External Security Policy found here: https://www.greatplacetowork.com/external-security-policy.

7. Suspension

If Company is in breach of this Supplement, Great Place To Work may suspend the eligibility immediately if it reasonably deems that Company’s breach may put the GPTW Intellectual Property at risk.  Great Place To Work will promptly communicate with Company to assess if Company may remedy such breach and if such breach is not remedies within thirty (30) days, Great Place to Work may terminate the eligibility of the Company.

February 11, 2022