Our Partners

Phileleftheros Media Group

Since its establishment in 1955 Phileleftheros Media Group has been the leading media and publishing organisation in Cyprus offering print publications and related services covering all the needs of the reading public while also serving the business community and society in general. A series of co-operation agreements with media groups in Greece and abroad has made Phileleftheros the publishing group with the most important strategic partners, ensuring positive results for the reading public and business world of Cyprus.

Media Sponsors

It has enjoyed a loyal readership since it was first launched in 1955, reporting on all the significant news of the time in its few pages. Its authoritative news reporting, serious and at the same time hard-hitting journalism and its independent non-partisan views are what define the Phileleftheros newspaper to its readers. It has taken huge leaps forward, making the most of the latest technology, significantly increasing the number of its pages and improving its appearance, but primarily focusing on the principles of investigative journalism, with lively news stories, interviews, commentaries, reviews, articles and photographs.
Business intelligence is entering a new era with the launch of a new publication from the Phileleftheros Group, Insider magazine, which aims to change the way businessmen in Cyprus are informed. Insider magazine’s core objective is to become the number one source of information for the business community of Cyprus, offering diversified news stories and analysis of both local and international interest. Stories about entrepreneurs successes and failures, new ideas for business and investments, investigative reports and annual rankings will be some of the magazines hot topics.
Philenews.com is an Internet domain which carries the most popular news and current affairs websites in Cyprus. It is a comprehensive portal of Cyprus’ largest publishing group, Phileleftheros. The website of Phileleftheros (www.philenews.com) has established itself among the most reliable sites in Cyprus and for many it is the most authoritative. The new version of the website is now online, with its new, modern design, technological upgrades, new options and above all interactivity for visitors. Besides the round-the-clock news updates, visitors can “participate” in current affairs with live commentary on every article.

Academic Advisors

We are delighted to have as our Academic Advisors, the MSc Program in Human Resource Management, of the University of Cyprus who are assisting us in the assessment of the Culture Audit© part of the process. We are also partnering in developing initiatives which will promote HR Management and Leadership best practices in the business community in Cyprus.