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  • Earning a spot on the most prestigious Best Workplaces™ List in Cyprus and more than 60 countries, including the Europe’s Best Workplaces™ List supported by The Economist
  • Join the community of companies that employees want to work for
  • Get recognized in the Phileleftheros Newspaper, Insider Magazine (Online + Print) and

  • Build camaraderie and employee pride
  • Reach more job seekers
  • Recruit the best talent
  • Retain your star employees

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What happens when I nominate my company?

We’ll reach out to the contact you provide to us. This could be someone in HR, PR/Communications, Operations or Marketing.

Once submitted, we’ll touch-base with them know you’ve nominated your organization and next steps for how your company can get recognized for the great culture that you’re proud of.

Why nominate?

To show your workplace you think they’re doing an exceptional job!

In nominating your workplace, you’re signaling to leadership that the company you work for is unique and should be recognized as such.

Companies that have a wonderful workplace culture may be eligible to become Great Place To Work-Certified and are then eligible for ranking on our Best Workplaces lists, which provide national press coverage, increased awareness of your company’s brand and ability to increate job applicant’s trust in your organization.

What is Great Place To Work® Certification?

Earning Great Place To Work Certification proves that your company has an excellent employee experience – that has been validated by your own employees saying that the organization does indeed have a great workplace.

Certification is 100% based on what employees say, especially how consistently they experience a high-trust workplace.

Being Certified™ provides you and your company a literal badge of excellence and denotes to current employees, jobseekers and other companies within your industry that your organization is the best of the best.

Should I submit a nomination if my company is already Great Place To Work-Certified™?

Your company must be Certified™ as a great place to work to be considered for our Best Workplaces™ Lists.

To become Certified™, companies must survey their employees using our flagship assessment, the Trust Index©, and complete a Culture Brief. *

Once Certified™, your organization automatically qualifies for our 20+ Best Workplaces™ Lists that it is eligible for. *

How are Best Workplaces selected?

We use our For All™ Model and Methodology to evaluate our pool of Great Place To Work-Certified companies. Top performing companies are recognized as Best Workplaces. To become Certified, companies must survey their employees using our flagship assessment, the Trust Index © , and complete a Culture Brief.