Two labels for employer branding

Best Workplaces™

The Best Workplaces™ label distinguishes the very best employers from a selection of the certified organisations.

Great Place to Work - Certified™

Great Place to Work® recognises good employers by means of certification. Once the results of the employee survey and analysis of the organisational culture are known, and an organisation meets the criteria (see below), it is awarded the Great Place to Work – Certified™ Certification Badge for one year.

What’s in it for you?

Media Attention

A strong and positive image as an employer enhances the recognition factor, helps to attract and retain employees and makes an organisation stand out from its competitors. Being a good employer is truly something to be proud of and this fact can be shared both internally and externally. Great Place to Work® helps organizations to achieve this with a comprehensive Media Toolkit and various communication statements.

Two Complementary Perspectives

Great Place to Work® looks at good employment practices from two perspectives: that of the employee and that of the organisation. This combination allows us to measure the level of trust, pride and pleasure and how the organisational culture is shaped in practice. These two perspectives also form the basis of our recognition of good employment practices.

Improved Image on the Labour Market

Organisations can use the labels to be identified as a good employer on the labour market. Today’s employees are looking for organisations which tie in with their values, where they can progress and look beyond salary alone. Being a good employer helps you to stand out in this search.

Get the Most Out Of Your Recognition!

Through our Best Workplaces™ programme, your organization could be eligible to enter Europe’s Best Workplaces™  and World’s Best Workplaces™.

If you get in touch today, your organisation could be certified as a Great Place to Work® in as few as ten weeks. As soon as you’re certified, you’re given use of the Certification Badge, marking you out as an employer of choice in a competitive talent market. In addition, you’ll gain associated benefits too in the areas of performance management, talent retention, productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

The Certification process is entirely separate from our annual Cyprus’ Best Workplaces™ List, meaning that you don’t have to wait to promote your achievement. Your organisation can get instant recognition without being ranked!

The path to becoming certified as a Great Place To Work®


We’ll survey all of your people, using the same robust and established methodology that powers our annual Best Workplaces list process. The survey will capture employee sentiment and levels of trust across a number of business critical categories, benchmarked by size and sector.


You’ll submit a ‘stocktake’ of your HR policies and practices to Great Place to Work, demonstrating how they help to deliver on your organisational objectives, enable people performance, and bring employees together. We’ll then benchmark this stocktake against an established standard.



Your organisation will demonstrate that it is on a continuous improvement path  to establishing a high-trust culture, listening to employee feedback, and embedding practices that enable all colleagues to do their best work.


We’ll meet with your senior team and bring all areas of our analysis together in a holistic model; the session puts an accurate measurement on the performance of your organisation, and helps to ensure that the investments you’re making in your culture are effectively landing with your colleagues.


If your organisation has met the benchmarks and criteria of the previous stages, then congratulations! You’ll be able to start using the Certified badge immediately, promoting your status as an official Great Place to Work to your competitors, customers, and potential employees.